Our Story

We’ve spent our careers working with businesses of all sizes and at all stages of development from concept to exit.

From running our own startups, running and consulting to established companies, working within and in partnership with innovation accelerators, funding bodies, investors, and economic development agencies, we have had great exposure to the workings of regional economies.

Over time, we started to see patterns emerge around the success and failure of new ventures founded by innovators. This led to broader ideas on how well the innovation ecosystem supports innovators to bring their ideas to market – we pinpointed some gaps that led us to question the current system and hypothesize an alternative path.

There’s a lot of activity in this area, but not a lot to show for it. There are numerous publicly funded programs to support innovators in navigating the path to market, but few ever get there, and those that do often end up as small businesses but do not scale further. We’re leaving a lot of innovation on the table. Our entrepreneurial economy is mostly a small business economy. So what’s going on?

We believe the following are the underlying issues and we’ve created Project X to begin to address them:

  • The existing  innovation system relies on innovators to develop business skills slowing the commercialization process
  • There’s a vacuum of pre-revenue funding to get great innovations to market

Our Mission

To purposefully create a parallel innovation ecosystem that creates thriving local innovation economies, systematically. 

Project X Design Principles

We are driven to do this work as it is essential to the sustainable future of our communities. Our team’s work is informed by the following design principles that underpin the Project X Way:

  • Grit – We are committed to moving forward in the face of adversity and uncertainty, with enthusiasm.
  • Velocity – We do the right things, at the right moment. Our movements and decisions define us: we  act with deliberation, boldness, and persistence.
  • Benevolence – We have a bigger purpose in mind, leading us to do the right thing for the right reasons. We optimize for the greater good.



“We’re solving the innovation and funding dilemma to create stronger economies, worldwide.”

Peter Elkins


Accomplished serial entrepreneur and community economic development thought leader bringing a dynamic and insightful mind to tough social and economic issues.

Personal Values:

Self-responsibility (Do your best)
Momentum (Letting go)
Commitment (Action)
Benevolence (Loving-kindness)
Harmony (Flow) 


Janet Bonaguro

Business launch and growth expert executive – from strategy to execution, from local niche start ups to Fortune 100 companies.

Navigator of uncertainty, champion of change, community builder. Committed to reaching audacious goals related to creating a better tomorrow.

Personal Values:

Citizenship (Participating in community)
Curiosity (Interest, wondering)
Authenticity (Genuine, real)
Responsibility (Duty, accountability)
Truthfulness (Honest, clear communication) 


You are an inventor, a creator. You might be a technician, academic, artisan, programmer or self educated with a great idea, but you don’t want to be or have to learn how to be the business person. You want to continue to create and we want to work with you and your ideas to bring them to market, fast.

Project X is breaking the mold by working with innovators that are not identifying as business leaders in order to capture the untapped value being left on the table. We want to grow a company around your idea, headquarter it in your region, create living wage jobs and generating more economic activity in your area.

Got an idea or a way of improving something? Let’s talk!



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Investment Partners

You want to make a legacy investment impact in your local economy through place-based investing.

You’re interested in refocusing your investment within your communities to spur innovation that creates meaningful work in your community through new sustainable enterprises.

You represent a pension fund, endowment, family office or consumers. Let’s talk about how the Project X way provides a model to invest in ways that make a difference for communities while earning competitive returns and creating a legacy.

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Community Partners

You’re looking for meaningful ways to improve your local economy? We’re looking for community leaders that are passionate about making a difference in their community, region, or country.

You might be a community economic developer, an interested citizen, a public servant, a university, a non-profit or foundation, a political leader, or a philanthropist.

Let’s explore if implementing a Project X hub or having a PX scout is right for your region as an additional way to use place-based investing and innovator support to improve equality and move further towards a sustainable local living economy.

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